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Welcome to October

Hello Everyone!

So glad its now October!!!! I am learning how to use this website! It can be a little confusing at times, but I promise to get it there!! I would like to point out some of the new things I am now doing here at Slews Chews.

Affiliate Program:

This is HUGE! I always get emails about people wanting to become Brand Ambassadors for me. I have been trying to figure out how I can accommodate as many people as I could. I already have 11 amazing Brand Ambassadors. Some who have been with me since the beginning of this journey. So I decided to try a Brand Affiliate Program.

Whats the difference between a "Brand Ambassador" & a "Brand Affiliate"?

A Brand Ambassador has a permanent spot on Team Slew. A Brand Affiliate is a non-temporary spot, however, if after a 90 day trial you have provided an appropriately quantifiable return, you will be eligible for future complimentary (FREE) products as well as becoming a Brand Ambassador.  

Click HERE to apply!!

Monthly Subscription Boxes:

Now every month I am going to be offering a monthly subscription box! Each box will contain some really cool stuff from Slews Chews, wether it be treats, a cool collar, some toys etc. The boxes will also contain items from other shops!! Each month there will be a different shop & a different theme as well!!

Click HERE to get our cool stuff!!


Happy Haunting,


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