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Slews Chews Birthday Party Packages


Thats right!! Slews Chews offers Birthday Party Packages for your dogs & horses!!! Each package is going to be a little different but here is a basic run down.
Each party will include your choice of:
Custom made Birthday Cake, Custom Made Cupcakes, or both!!!!
Goody bags with treats for all your pets friends who attend the party! 
Goody bag treats will be either A doggie donut, pony donut, or a sampler of little bits of love!!! 
Only downside to this amazing new deal is that you must be located in Southern California in oder to take advantage of this amazing deal.
Birthday cakes DO NOT do well when shipped and I don't want your pets special day ruined because of a cake being ruined by shipping so I will hand deliver all items to you for the party!!
If you have any more questions about Birthday party packages click HERE to read more 

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