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Royalty-Mutli-Purpose Dog Lead & Tandem Dog Leash Set


Here you can get a Multi Purpose Lead AND the Tandem Dog Leash for a better price then buying them each separately! 

The Multi purpose Dog lead:

This lead is 6 feet in length and lets you customize the length to your needs. It features extra metal hardware, so that you can take it from a 6ft lead to a 5 ft lead as well as to a convenient hands-free dog leash. The extra hardware on this leash makes it able to provide 6 different dog leash styles (6ft lead, 5ft lead, as a slip lead and 3 hands-free style options: cross-body lead, belted lead and as a tether.) Features 2 metal swivel snaps to clip to any dog collar or harness.


The Tandem Dog Leash:

This leash is an attachment that lets you walk two dogs at once. It is a very convenient solution for people who have multiple dogs. Reinforced with metal swivel clasps and metal rope clamps provide strength and durability. Works well with almost any size dogs. 



*Leash Add on's include:*

Want a leash longer then 6ft? Click HERE to add extra length to your leash

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